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Many businesses need access to top quality Financial skills from time-to-time but don't need to recruit the person full-time, or permanently.

The Freelance FD -  Richard Burns

You could be a fast-growing and ambitious company wanting to add top notch Finance skills to the team of industry experts you already have.

You may have a key vacancy to fill on an interim basis, or a critical project to complete that can't be allowed to distract the team from the core business.

You may be a non-UK company looking to start-up in the UK for the first time.

The core of our business is working with SMEs and start-ups in fast-moving sectors, filling the critical role of Finance Director or CFO on a part-time basis. We can do this short term, during a development phase for example, but find that the greatest benefit comes from working alongside client companies for maybe just a day or two each month over a longer period of time. That way we become truly part of the team and have an insider's view of the priorities, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses of the business.

We have the background to be effective in any environment and provide the highest level of financial management expertise, developed through real-life commercial experience. We offer the 'best of both worlds' – many years' experience at Board level within blue-chip Public companies and also the practical, 'sleeves rolled-up' experience of making things happen in start-ups and high growth smaller companies.

The Freelance FD offers a flexible, capable and affordable solution.