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Developing broader Financial knowledge within the whole executive team is an important step in developing the all-round strength of the board and the management of the entire business.

The Freelance FD -  Richard Burns

Education & Training

Financial knowledge is a critical skill that can't be left only to the Finance department. The performance of the business is measured largely in financial terms but do enough people within the business have a good understanding of what all the figures really mean?

What is the difference between a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss Account? What is a Price/Earnings ratio? What is the importance of DSO? Why is the Current Ratio so important? What is EBITDA?

Like most areas of technical knowledge, the Financial field operates with its own language and uses jargon which often seems designed to keep the uninitiated out of the know. In reality, there are few complex areas that the general executive needs to understand and, conversely, there are many topics they would benefit from understanding that are quite simple to explain.

We can offer a package of executive education sessions tailored specifically to your circumstances and priorities. We won't cover lots of topics that do not apply to your business or your industry but rather will concentrate on those areas which are important to you. We can even use your own accounts as the case studies so that it is totally relevant.


The Freelance FD offers a flexible and practical solution.