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If you are looking to start business in the UK for the first time, you need a partner who has done the job before and understands the vagaries of the British system … and the Brits!

The Freelance FD -  Richard Burns

Inward Investment

Starting up in a new market can bring a whole range of issues that need to be addressed. Some are quite predictable but often the issues that have the potential to have a major negative impact come from unexpected directions.

In the predictable category, we can assist with business structure, company formation, tax registrations, banking relations, location and premises, employment issues and benefits, business planning – all the way through to getting you up and running.

At the same time we can guide you through the less expected aspects of the country – from employment law and customary benefits, particularly to those from North America; through surprise differences in the English language and the baffling aspects of personality and humour.

Having a partner who has no vested interest in benefitting from the structure can be a powerful force to ensure that it gets set up equitably.


The Freelance FD offers an independent and effective solution.