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Having an experienced Finance Director on your board will broaden the experience brought to your business, help develop your strategy and planning, and is a major step in developing the Corporate Governance of your business.

The Freelance FD -  Richard Burns

Non-Executive Director

You may be satisfied with the day to day Accounting and Finance operations in your business but still feel the need for greater oversight and strategic input at Board level.

The introduction of a non-executive Finance Director to your board can provide great benefit through their wider experience, fresh insights and their contacts.

They will not play an active role in the running of the business but will be able to ask the questions that the business needs to be able to answer and ensure that the business is developing in a sound direction.

The improvement of Corporate Governance is a hot topic in the SME world and one where longer term benefits can accrue. Apart from the strategic direction that the non-exec provides, being able to demonstrate that good governance is in place adds value to the business in terms of external confidence, particularly when fundraising, floatation or sale is being discussed. This is something that needs to be planned for and put in place well before the need to demonstrate it arises.


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