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Organisations of all sizes occasionally have the need to perform financial projects or mount investigations into aspects of their business. These tend to be outside the daily activities of the business, often require a high level of discretion and benefit from an independent view.

The Freelance FD -  Richard Burns

Projects & Investigations

When you need a project performed without disrupting the regular business of the company, bringing in an experienced and objective set of eyes is invaluable.

We have experience of conducting project work of many kinds, in the UK and throughout the world.

  • Marketing of businesses for sale
  • Review of business practices
  • Outsourcing & insourcing decisions
  • Business rationalisation reviews
  • Investigations into irregular accounting practices
  • Change management & implementation

We will take your instruction, conduct the work according to that brief and report back our findings and recommendations, clearly and concisely. The work will be performed without the distraction of any other role within the business and without being coloured by the received wisdom of the organisation. You will get an independent, confidential and reliable result in a short timescale.


The Freelance FD offers an independent and capable solution.