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Many ambitious SMEs recognise the need for a greater level of Financial expertise, but they don't need it full time and couldn't afford the level they really need full time anyway.

SME Freelance Finance - Richard Burns

SME Freelance Finance


Many SMEs develop and are successful because of the industry knowledge and the entrepreneurial vision of the owners. When these skills do not include Finance, that can limit the growth potential of the business.

Rather than recruiting someone full-time at the level you can afford, better to bring in the skills you really need just when you need them. The Freelance FD offers a flexible, affordable solution. We will work with you just when you need us to.

We become your internal Financial expert and business partner, committed to the success of your business. We bring the benefits of big company processes to the smaller organisation – adapted to suit the circumstances, of course. We have been there and have direct experience of running smaller businesses on tight budgets.

Read on to discover how we operate and what we can do for your business.